Why the feck are people throwing junk outside there back of there house =/


I thinki I drank to much last night...I was dancing to Funeral For A Friend... LMFAO!! WTF =/

My mums bf said he will get someone to cover his shift and he will drop me off at download ^_^

Was having fun today trying to set up my new tent with my brother haha. Took us awhile to figure out what goes where (who needs instructions lol). But got it sorted out in the end :D


Stoopid work

Work has been ghey lately. Sunday for breakfast was really busy. Chef was being mean to me as well. Felt like telling him where to shove his job. Also they still haven't sorted out my Tax rate code. So I am being taxed SO FUCKING MUCH!!

Bank holiday today, so I have today off work. Also got tomorrow off work.

Kirsty has dislocated her knee =/ It looks like she has swollowed a mellow haha ....I mean awww =)

The Worst Is Yet To Come

I used to come on here lots in the past, now it's just when ever I can. I worked 53 hors last week at work. Was only ment to do 32 hours. I need to stop being nice and say no into doing extra work. But its kinda hard saying no when your moms bf is the head chef where you work.
Hopefully this week will be easier.

My sister is down mine now hehe. She be all hyper and messing aound in my room =)

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Today at work, I got to strip some chicken ;-) lol .....I mean take the skin off chickens lol

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Well its my day off work today. Haven't been upto much yet. Need to tidy my room soon. Haven't had a chance because f work. 

Wel anyways, its my half siters, Amber, birthday this Thursday and I am trying to figure out what a 7 year old girl whats =/ Also this Thursday is Trivium gig att Birmingham Academy ^_^ Need to find out who else is going because Dan isn't going with me =/ We normally go to gigs together. But he is moving and needs the money. Hardly spoken to him too. Oh well...not my loss. I am sure I will find someone if not, I am bound to meet loads of people who know me there, and I will just hang out with them =)

Back to drinking my coffee and jammie dodgers ^_^

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Before you Add me, please could you:-

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a picture of you if you can ^_^

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