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.♥.Switchblade Romance.♥.

..*.-.-=• Oxygen Abuser •=-.-.*..

°•.[Kid Trashy].•°
21 September
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I love Strawberry smelly things.
Its all about the VO5 Matt Clay
I hate when people go and tell you something; then say 'Nevermind'.
I like kiwi fruit and dragon fruit.
Apple Mac is better than Microsoft Windows. FACT!
I think stars are pretty.
I'd like to be a star in my next life.
I think white chocolate is lush <3
I like to play RPG and MMORPG games.
I like Japanese Horror films and Anime's.
I love spending the weekends with my friends at Academy
You can give me Jagermeister any day!
I like Conversations.
Great pointless, silly and random one's.
I love meeting new people, because I'm sick of you. =]

Ear Candy...

36 Crazyfist, Anberlin, Alesana, All Shall Perish, All That Remains, As I Lay Dying, Atreyu, At All Cost, Avenged Sevenfold, Bleed In Vain, Blessthefall, The Black Dahilia Murder, Brand New, Bridge to Solace, Bury Your Dead, Caliban, Cancer Bats, The Chariot, Children of a Bodom, Combichrist, Comeback Kid, Darkest Hour, A Day To Remember, Devildriver, The Devil Wears Prada, Disturbed, A Dozen Furies, Enter Shikari, Escape The Fate, Exploder, First Blood, Furor, Godforbid, Hatebreed, Haste The Day, InMe, I Killed The Prom Queen, In Flames, It Dies Today, Jimmy Eat World, Killswitch Engaged, Lamb Of God, Machine Head, Mendeed, Miyavi, Motley Crue, MSI, Mudvayne, Nikki Sixx, Nine Inch Nails, OTEP, Paramore, Parkway Drive, Pendulum, Purified In Blood, The Ramones, Rob Zombie, Satyricon, Sick Of It All, Silent Civilian, Skindred, Soulfly, Sonic Syndicate, Spineshank, Still Remains, Suicide Silence, Terror, Through The Eyes Of The Dead, Trivium, White Zombie, Within Chaos & LOADS MORE!!
, 80's horror movies, alice in wonderland, angelina jolie, anime, anne rice, any hugs, asylums, bats, boobs, books, broadzilla, bubble baths, buffy the vampire slayer, candles, candy, chocolate, coffee, combichrist, comics, conversations that never stop, crayola markers and crayons, crazyness, cyberdog, cyberfashion, digital imaging, digital photography, drawing, drinking, dripping wax, dvds, edward scissorhands, eskimo kisses, eye's, final fantasy, freaks, friday the 13th, fruits, futuristic, ghost stories, ghosts, girls, girls with anime eyes, girls with lip rings, glowy things, greek mythology, green eyes, halloween, handcuffs, harajuku, hentai, horror, horror films, horror movies, hot chocolate, hugs, ice cream, incense, industrial music, invader zim, j pop, j rock, jack daniel's, jack in the box, jack off jill, japan, japanease culture, japanese culture, japanese fashion, japanese horror films, japanese street fashion, jelly beans and babies, jelly tots, johnny the homicidal maniac, kidney thieves, kissing, kmfdm, lego, lenore, lesbians, lips, living dead dolls, lolliepops, london, long hugs, loud music, manga, milkshake, motley crue, motorbikes, music, my friends, nailbunny, neck kissing, neon colors, nightmare before christmas, open minded people, painting, photoshop, piercing's, piercings, pirate ships, pirates, randomness, roman dirge, ruby gloom, scary miss mary, scary movies, scorpio, sketching, snow, sound of heart pounding, sparkles, squee, stars, strobe/uv/neon lights, suicide girls, sweet soft baby kisses, tank girl, tank girl comics, tattoo's, tattoos, the nightmare before christmas, the word squished, tim burton, tim burtons films, trashy clothes, treasure, troma films, vodka, web design, webcams, webpage design, west midlands, white magic, witches, zombie films, zombies,